Garry Church- Road Trauma Services

  Occasionally we are faced with little drama’s that can develop into a major issue through no-fault of our own other than simple mistake through forgetfulness, this has occurred to many through-out Australia since most states are no longer issuing the adhesive registration labels for motor vehicles. Many drivers are finding themselves in an embarrassing situation of driving a motor vehicle that is unregistered and uninsured vehicle resulting in on the spot infringement notice fines of over $1200 ($607 for being unregistered and $530 for being uninsured) and can include an $800 late fee, the vehicle registration fees, plus the $59.60 registration renewal fee.  More than 55,700 Queenslanders were caught driving unregistered cars in 2015 in the first-year registration stickers were removed, an increase of 10,000 on the year before, according to figures released this week by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Often, you’re introduced to a new idea and in this instance, it’s the Qld Registration Reminder Sticker, a simple method of avoiding those embarrassing moments if stopped by the police. Remember it’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle is registered and covered by compulsory third party insurance and I fully support this non-intrusive adhesive sticker that’s attached to the inside of your windscreen, so come-on and support this Australian made and owned product. 

Yours sincerely   


President – Road Trauma Services Queensland Co-ordinator –

Safe Driving Awareness Program