.....We are an Australian Company named Full Noise Promotions and we have designed and manufactured a great problem solver!As you know tens of thousands of Queenslanders have been fined for driving unregistered cars in 2017 since the Government has stopped issuing rego reminder stickers.We have designed an attractive "Queensland Rego Reminder " sticker.These stickers are clear ,showing a great modern design of Queensland.

All you have to do is just  write your rego expiry date in the space provided,cut,peel and stick on vehicle windscreen.

These stickers are used on cars, caravans, motorcycles and boats.

 The stickers are high quality and made in Australia. You will find our stickers in an  attractive and colourful counter display box in a outlet near you. 

Hey wait a sec ..is this legal??

This extract is from the Department of Transport Queensland as of August 2017 and has been the case since rego labels were abolished " You may attach a label, you have made or purchased, to remind you of the vehicles due date, as long as it is attached in a way that it does not obstruct a drivers vision. For example, it is recommended that it be attached to the lower left corner of the wind screen, or to the lower part of the left side window.

 Ps NSW and VIC stickers will be arriving soon!