Extract from Dept of Transport Queensland

Changes to rego labels

You no longer receive a registration label when you register your vehicle.This only applies to some vehicles, including:

  • cars
  • motorcycles
  • light trailers
  • light caravans
  • light buses
  • motorised wheelchairs
  • light commercial vehicles
  • conditionally registered vehicles
  • dealer/trader plates
  • special purpose vehicles

Heavy vehicles (over 4.5t gross vehicle mass) and recreational boats will still need to display registration labels (excluding conditionally registered and special purpose vehicles).

Will I be fined if I don't remove my expired registration label?

The requirement to display registration labels was removed from 1 October 2014.You will not be fined if you leave an expired registration label on a vehicle that no longer receives a label.

Can I put my own label on my vehicle to remind me when it is due?

You may attach a label, you have made or purchased, to remind you of the vehicles due date, as long as it is attached in a way that it does not obstruct a drivers vision. For example, it is recommended that it be attached to the lower left corner of the wind screen, or to the lower part of the left side window.

Do I still need to register my vehicle?

You still need to register your vehicle if you continue driving, you just won't have to put a registration label on your vehicle.Driving an unregistered vehicle is an offence and you may get a fine. It is your responsibility to make sure the vehicle you are driving is registered and has Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. If you don’t have CTP insurance you may not be covered if there is an accident or injury to yourself or others.Transport inspectors and police officers can check that your car is registered through your number plate. This can be done through in car checks using hand held devices, or through the use of mobile and fixed cameras—which have the ability to quickly check the registration status of your vehicle.